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Re: Hello, translated world!

> From tribble Sat Apr 28 16:30:47 1990
> The message was
> in fact targeted at all those (including myself) who change the
> existing hacks in the translator, rather than add new ones.

Ah.  Ok.

> Your suggestion of documenting changes in the code (or
> better yet in the class comment or both) is well taken, and we should
> do that.  That would make the sending out a message more a courtesy
> than a necessity.  (I still find it very useful because we often end
> up solving the same problem at the same time).

I'm all for sending the mail as well.  It's just that I recognise that
people will sometimes forget, since the mail is so much more pain than
just making the change..

> You may have already discovered a lot yourself, but I would be happy
> to give a guided tour of the translator.  It shouldn't take very long
> to cover the structure and the ways in which things can be hacked :-).

You're on.  I'll call to arrange a time after I've had some sleep.