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Who'll be first?

I finally tried seeing what happened when I tweaked the garage collector
to do a collection on EVERY allocation.  Needless to say, I wasn't surprised
when things SEG'ed out.  The last crash I saw was in a constructor generated
from the Smalltalk code.  Again, this is not surprising, as none of the
Smalltalk instanciation methods perform the "saveMe" protocol, which has only
been informally published (i.e. word of mouth).  Anyway, what I'd like to see
in the constructors generated from Smalltalk is
	SPTR(MyClass) saveMe = this;
at the top of the constructors.  I expect that this should be an easy fix
to the translator, especially since all the translated classes seem to
be declared as CHECKED_CLASS.  
  The $64K question is "Who'll be the first to fix the translator?"
As soon as the Smalltalk code handles this, I can find out which parts
of the REST OF THE CODE are broken WRT garbage collection.
	- e -