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Central Smalltalk sources directory

The contents of the read.me file in /usr/local/share/xanadu/st80:

This is a central repository for Smalltalk source code.  Each
Smalltalk project should have its own directory. The creator, date,
and version within that date are encoded in the filename as follows:
MMMDDVVV.CCC, where MMM = month name, DD = day, VVV = version, CCC =
creators initials. In consideration of those of us who have to use
antiquated file systems (e.g. MS-DOS) please use lowercase
alphanumerics only, and stick to an 8.3 letter format. A few examples:
The file names in the goodies directory should be descriptive.

I'll append a list of project names to this file. Please keep it up to
date as you add directories.
	--ravi (89/11/27)

Directory	Contents
=========	========

goodies		Miscellaneous little hacks
posns		Positions, Coordinate spaces, Dsps, and OrderSpecs
regions		Regions, intervals, etc.
sets		Various kinds of sets
steppers	Various kinds of steppers
tables		Various kinds of tables, and testers for them
trans		C++ translator