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Re: if (c++ && x++)

That's almost correct. Andy wrote the first version of his stuff using an
object-oriented assembler that he wrote (he's always worked alone and used
assembly language). He's now working with a group of programmers and they
are using C++ to implement the final product.

By the way, he doesn't think any more of C++ than we do, and has developed
his own set of extensions to give it more of runtime object-oriented flavor.
Gee, I wonder how many n++'s there'll be in a couple of years? :->

Still, your two main points are essentially correct. Innovative stuff can be
and is being done using C++, even production stuff, and the appropriate time
to check stats will be a couple of years from now. My reaction to those two
points is 1) the programming language really isn't the issue; clearly,
innovative stuff can be done in either environment though I'd support an
assertion that it would be cleaner and easier to maintain using C++ than C;
and 2) the statistics two years from now are very interesting, but I'm more
interested in what they'll look like this Spring. I tend to believe that the
number of programmers fluent in C++ will grow exponentially, but I'll reserve
my guesses on how much actual production code is being shipped in C++ until
after the market's had a chance to act.

-- bobp