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Re: if (c++ && x++)

The key question, bobp, is what resources do we need for building the
C tools, and for how long? Heretofore, I have assumed that, in the
opening days of our Beta testing, our C toolkit would consist of just
enough stuff to make it easy for developers to hook to the backend--
just an interface to the docs & links layer, no special tools for building
frontends (like FM). And I have assumed that the C interface to the
docs & links layer could be built by you and roland, with a little help
from the others.

Of course, beyond that there is the development of a wide array of
power-assists for developers, limited only by our imagination, as
discussed by joel in his marketing strategy. But for this moment,
I would be happy to have you just answer these 2 questions:

1) is just a docs&links layer interface good enough for our C
developers when we start Beta, and
2) was I foolish to hope that you and roland could build it?

If the answer to 1) is yes, and the answer to 2) is no, then fine.
Otherwise, we should probably get together to discuss it, to get
some higher bandwidth.