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Re: name for SEFTable

> From: tribble (Eric Dean Tribble)
>    [Quoting Marcm]  (note that we can't say ConstX,
>    because that isn't symmetrical with our other names),
> Nonsense.  Consistency is the hobgoblin of overworked designers.

And bemused hackers trying to figure out what the designers are
designing, as well.

I'm appalled to find the mind-destroying consistency-hobgoblin meme
circulating at Xanadu, and even more so to see it used, even tongue-
in-cheek, in an argument against symmetry.

Consistency, symmetry, and simplicity are powerful design tools.
These principles should not be violated without very good reason.

(Damn it, you pushed a hot button.  I'll look at the particular
argument after my blood pressure comes down.)

	Inconsistency is the mind of little hobgoblins