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name for SEFTable

Date: Wed, 25 Oct 89 03:56:47 PDT
   From: michael (Michael McClary)

   > From: tribble (Eric Dean Tribble)
   >    [Quoting Marcm]  (note that we can't say ConstX,
   >    because that isn't symmetrical with our other names),
   > Nonsense.  Consistency is the hobgoblin of overworked designers.

   And bemused hackers trying to figure out what the designers are
   designing, as well.

   I'm appalled to find the mind-destroying consistency-hobgoblin meme
   circulating at Xanadu, and even more so to see it used, even tongue-
   in-cheek, in an argument against symmetry.

No apologies.  The case in point was a minor consistency of lettering
that caused far greater confusion in meaning.

   Consistency, symmetry, and simplicity are powerful design tools.
   These principles should not be violated without very good reason.

Bingo.  Consistency is not a vice to be assumed, but a heuristic to guide.

   (Damn it, you pushed a hot button.  I'll look at the particular
   argument after my blood pressure comes down.)

I understand the reaction, and rest assured that I usually strive for
consistency as well.

	   Inconsistency is the mind of little hobgoblins

Cute.  I'm sure I'll use this on someone, so thank you in advance! :-)