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name for SEFTable

Shouldn't that be spelled "ConsTable"?

No.  I like ConstTable.

   Replaying our latter phone
   conversation, it is interesting to note that C++'s (and ANSI C's?)
   "const" corresponds to our ScruX, not our ImmuX.  I like ScruX better
   that ConsX for two reasons:  ConsX will cause some readers to think it
   has something to do with cons-cells

Not if we used ConstTable (since this is C++.

   (note that we can't say ConstX,
   because that isn't symmetrical with our other names),

Nonsense.  Consistency is the hobgoblin of overworked designers.

   and we aren't using C++'s "const" on the declarations.  Using C++'s "const"
   promiscuously is something that we should eventually consider, but it
   is something that has to be done "all at once" across the code.  It is
   VERY painful to try to introduce "const" incrementally.

If we can agree that the semantics of ConstTables does in fact
parallel the const declaration, then let's use it!  Especially since
we will add that behavior later.  (For a class to deserve the name
const, all member functions defined for it should be declared