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Re: another minor translator enhancement

yeah, the at:put: needs to be hidden away somewhere.  I suppose I should make
one for WordVector, if only to blast.  The WordVector implementation of
operator[] copies the data out to new storage, so using the [] as an lvalue
does not affect the original WordVector.
  The operator[] code is being put into an 'obsolete' section so nobody should
be using it from now on (use fetch or get instead).  I implemented it so that
old code that uses it wouldn't break.
  I'm going to write something similar that generates an address directly to
the data (as long as wordSize >=8) for efficient implementation of subTable.
But that code will go in a private section.

  Also, I created a method in HxxPrintStream Class called operator:, which
takes a string argument (like '[]') and creates a symbol from 
'operator', arg.  I use this to get 'operator[]' which can't be written
normally as a constant symbol.  We can use the operator: method to create
operator mappings in general.