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Re: TableView, UnaryFn

I think the appropriate answer is to have the generalized class for TableView,
allowing appropriate subclassing for specific needs.  However, one of the first
that I build will be a TransformTable, which takes a unaryFn and another
ROTable (ImmuTable? ConstTable?) and simply transform the index prior to
doing a fetch on the other table (I know, TransformTable is a bad name,
that one goes to transforming the result of the fetch).  Another will be
RestrictTable, which is constructed with min, length and table or min, max
and table - it returns nil from fetch if the request is outside min->max inclusive
  There are probably several other "standard" views.  In retrospect, the 
subclassing approach (like UnaryFns) appears to be the best.  It's fairly
simple, and powerful enough to provide the other approach...