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Stamps, versions, ordering

Is there some (fairly easy) way to tell if one stamp was generated before
or after another stamp (assuming they were both generated by the same bert)?

  The reason I ask is because we might not want to show a link where the
context being displayed was created before the original context of the link,
that is, the link was not present when that version of the document was
created.  Actually, it's more like if the link wasn't present when the NEXT
version of the document got created, but...
  This must be a user controllable thing if implemented, but I can see a
number of cases where the link should not be shown.  For example, I'm looking
at an older version of some document I wrote, and the various notes that
people attached.  Now then, I don't really want to see the notes that were
attached 2 weeks (and 17 versions) after this document version was created,
because they are commenting on (what might be) radically reworded stuff
(where some of words were present in this version).
  So, I backfollow, find links, and now I need to filter out the links
attached to later versions.