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Re: Archives and Backfollows

Yes links could be a large portion of the data.  In this respect
the new design does much better than 88.1.  88.1 was a couple
K per link, the new stuff is more complicated, but is much more
compact.  I expect to see a more detailed analysis of this
from someone closer to the internals.  The real numbers will
have to wait for the ent to be actually tested.

I expect the ratios to be even worse in unimaginable applications.
 The more advanced stuff will use a LOT more
links & etc, thus will be really dominated by them.

One way to look at it is the over head of a link or document
(any orgl) is akin to the overhead of a file in Unix, not
so much in absolute size but in character.  The major reduction
in overhead from 88.1 has been the removal of granularity in
that there are no minimum chunk sizes anymore.