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fonts and selection work again

In my version of the compositor stuff.  I have created a new TextModel
class for my experiments.  I made it compute AttributeSet (new class)
objects on the fly, and it worked fine.  An AttributeSet has a font, a
selectedFlag, an alphabet, and a set of extra attributes.  The
selectedFlag is a minor optimzation.  It is used by the modified
display routines to determine if they should display the run in
reverse video.  The routine that creates an AttributeSet from an
iterator of attribute uses all the attributes it can to determine the
font, then dumps the rest off to the extraAttributes field.  My
FMTextModels contain an internal wordVector, a model that represents a
selection, and a runModel containing all the processed runs.  The
TextModel will react to changes in the selection object to modify the
runModel.  This won't help much for the other frontend work because it
doesn't use an abstractModel at all, but I think it could cleanly
extend in that direction.

It's really nice seeing selected text go up already selected, rather
than being displayed, then reversed.

Now to get the actual mechanism for changing the selection working....