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Re: Something to do While Waiting for Compiles

> Write now we've kludged up tofux.hxx to accomodate illegitimate uses
> of inherited instance variables (we have "PRIVATE" expand to end in
> "protected" instead of "private"--yeech).


Instead of using such a disgusting kludge in tofux.hxx, why not:

	#define	PROTECTED	\

and hack the translator to produce PROTECTED: instead of PRIVATE:
if/when/as long as you must?  That way you're not polluting the
ENTIRE universe, just that part translated from smalltalk.

Granted that means you have to go back to the fileout or hand-edit
the translated code of troublemaker classes if it turns out you
filed out with the knudge turned off something that needed it on,
but that's a nice incentive to fix the class, eh?