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Something to do While Waiting for Compiles

Write now we've kludged up tofux.hxx to accomodate illegitimate uses
of inherited instance variables (we have "PRIVATE" expand to end in
"protected" instead of "private"--yeech).  I've added some convenient
features to the browsers that you've all gotten in the latest merged
image to ease the task of finding and fixing these in an incremental
manner:  In the Cxx Browser, select one of your modules and menu
"find", "protection violations".  You'll get a Browser listing all the
methods in there which access instance variables not from their
immediate class.  

Select one of these methods and menu "inst vars".  This will give you
a menu listing all the instance variables which the current method
uses.  It is broken into sections just like "inst var refs" from the
Class pane menu.  Select one of the instance variables from the first
section and see all methods from your sub & superclasses which access
that instance variable.  Frequently you'll see that one of your
superclasses already provides an accessor for that instance variable,
so you can then quickly start cleaning up references below the
defining class.  If not, menu "spawn" and spawn some kind of browser.
"spawn", "hierarchy" is a good choice as that gives you a Browser
specifically on youself, you superclasses, and your subclasses.

There's nothing urgent about any of this, but it's just the sort of
thing that compile-time is good for.  I just did a "find", "protection
violations" at "top" and found that we have a *HUGE* number of them.
Therefore, even though this isn't urgent, we should start spreading
out the tedium now.  Thanks.