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Constructor bombs for copy objects.

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 90 11:55:42 PDT
   From: xanadu!michael (Michael McClary)

   Just noticed that Stubble isn't generating constructor bombs for copy

   I intend to add it just before the merge, unless somebody has a good
   reason not to.

This reminds me.  I've discussed with several people the idea that the
translator should generate constructor bombs for all constructors.
This is something which cannot be done by the user without a special
case, as the "PLANT_CONSTRUCTOR_BOMB();" must come before the
translator generated "saveThis" assignment.  Does anyone object to the
translator generating this for all constructors?  Did someone (perhaps
me?) already agree to do this?  Is there any reason (before
performance engineering phase) why one might want to turn this off for
selected constructors?