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Weekly Planning Meeting, 6/5

Highlights 6/05:

The big congratulations this week go to ravi and rick. Ravi has 
documents and links running over the LAN  in smalltalk; the next 
step is to run the same way in C++. Meanwhile Rick hired another 
person for the his team, Andy Beals. The montage team is now 
within one person of being fully staffed.

Congratulations also go to roland, who fixed/enhanced stubble 
so that it could support rick in the building of the scheme interface 
to xanadu.

Meetings:  Hill, rick, et al, the trouble with malloc. Dean, 
marcs, markm, schedule stamp, bert garbage collection. White 
Space Committee, talk to chip regarding spaces and tabs. Bill, 
michael, NEWS versions. Dean, marcs, backup versus archive. Bobp, 
hill, ravi, cooling the Server interface toward freezing. Bobp, 
markm, should the simplified interface be in C or C++? Bobp, 
marcs, resources for documentation again. 

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.       dean

     6/12/90     shepherd recipe tested
     6/12/90     make list of all things that must go to disk (1.25)
     6/12/90     bogus smalltalk snarf tested(1.5)
     6/12/90     receiver, smalltalk version tested(1.25)
     6/12/90     Transmitter compute sizes & pointers smalltalk version tested(1.5)
     6/12/90     view shell tested(2)
     6/12/90     Transmitter to copy data smalltalk version tested(1.25)
     6/12/90     snarf packer, bogus allocation in view handler tested
     6/19/90     ent saying changed and commit (8)
     6/26/90     ent saying may commit and destroy view (5)

B.       hill

     6/12/90     find and kill garbage collection usage bug!
     6/12/90     make proxy stuff work
     6/12/90     resolve malloc
     6/19/90     enhance translator with ixx
     6/30/89     write mail about X++ upgrades and garbage collection for bobp

C.       hugh

     6/12/90     compile fm on mac (3)
     6/18/90     write event generator (2)
     6/18/90     doing image (2)
     6/25/90     implement warp (4)
     6/25/90     run compositors (2)

D.       markm

x    6/05/90     merge with ravi
     6/12/90     part of bootstrapping problem 
     6/19/90     track endorsed ids and endorsing club ids (16)
E.       marcs

x    6/05/90     prep for monthly meet with ron
x    6/05/90     set up gauntlet with ian
     6/12/90     run ian through gauntlet
     6/19/90     review old issues
     6/12/90     talk with chris hibbert at decwsl
     6/24/90     start second round of patenting work
     6/30/89     figure out whether links are standalone objects

F.       michael

x    6/05/90     deep examination of transceivers
     6/12/90     understand dean's rough protocol
     6/12/90     bogus snarf handler, just memory
     6/19/90     copy data transceiver

G.       ravi

x    6/05/90     full composite region tester
x    6/12/90     get D and L over FeBe in smalltalk
     6/12/90     D and L over febe in c++ (9)
     6/19/90     exhaustive D&L test (6)

H.       bobp

x    6/05/90     start crafting simplified Server Interface
     6/12/90     rough draft of simplified servet interface (SSI)

I.       roger

     6/12/90     make inline work
     6/12/90     get fm running under open look
     6/12/90     xanatext in xwindows

J.       roland

x    6/12/90     fixed stubble for rick
x    6/05/90     install better parser
     6/12/90     fix stubble for roger
     6/12/90     fix line numbering in crtuch
     6/12/90     run ceran over the whole world
     6/12/90     formic upgrade for recognizing subclasses of shepherds, for dean/michael
     6/19/90     fix stubble for 1-way connections for dean
     6/26/90     xlint look for missing redundant curlies
     6/30/90     write grammar for formic
     6/30/90     parser with expression semantics
     6/30/90     xlint check for assign to a parameter variable and assignment to "this"

K.       Bill

     6/05/90     fix dead cpu, dead disk
     6/12/90     figure proxy level protocol
     6/12/90     figure out dependencies 

L.       Joel

x    5/15/90     distribute info packet to world
x    5/15/90     molecular negotiations

M.       Jacque

     6/12/90     more outline of tapestry documentation
     6/19/90     new flat view scroll bars

N.       Rick

x    6/05/90     get initx.hxx
x    6/05/90     round 2 with key logic
x    6/05/90     understands formic
x    6/12/90     hired andy beals
     6/12/90     formic automated generator of interface
     6/12/90     search for mac person
     6/12/90     models for manipulators

O.       Paul

x    6/05/90     catch up on rick's progress
     6/12/90     decide how to fix namespaces and gluing

L.       Small Tasks List
    Cleanup region code
    Sequence # in smalltalk, dean & michael versions
    Test files

L.       Deferred Meetings:

     Roger, hugh, reproducible Tapestry tests. 
     discuss stubble for ADI with autodesk
     Bobp, joel, marcs, discuss Apple and smalltalk. 
     Marcs, dean, joel, parc place strategy. 
     Dean, michael, structured debug on the ent. 
     Michael, dean, break up the ent for the disk on Tuesday. 
    Michael, dean, markm, ravi, efficiency of internsets.
     Roger,, hugh, dean, ravi discuss system independent attributes 
              for the frontends  after fm does paragraphs.
     Roland, dean, discuss xlint commands in smalltalk. 
     Markm, hill, discuss explicit deletion of orgls & refcount deletion. 
     Markm, hill, discuss exception handling on sensors between comm handlers.
     Dean, roger, michael, markm, discuss sequence numbers of size 4 billion. 
     Dean, markm, discuss intersecting backfollow ideas. 
     joel, marcs, discuss terminology in X++ for developer release 
               (particularly necromancers and related tools)
     Ravi, roger, discuss common view.

M.       Unassigned

     merge contact databases
     scenario documents (markm, dean
     Tumblers as subclass of partiallyOrdered
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     test scaffolding, code exercisers
     rollin, rollout a la Univac
     subaccounts, permissions on FE
     sys admin, i.e., archiving and partitioning disks