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congratulations to roland

Congratulations to Roland, the formic seems to work,
modulo the rest of this report.

I have compiled everything as follows,
I modified my stack size limit to 300m, to bypass 
	alloca failure somewhere in the compiler.
I disabled inlines in *s.o with an #ifdef WITH_RPC.
I disabled optimization on *s.o files with a hack in
  xpp.mk (which I will clean up).  This to fix a compiler
  problem or 2, one was a hash table size in ccom, the other was
  something like "too many defs try lower level of optomization".

currently I haven't recompiled everything, just the stuff that had failed
before.  My stuff doesn't link, this may be corrected when I do
get everything recompiled, the problem may be out-of-lined inline
stuff or something related.

My current tests may not test formic on xview includes, to any great
extent because of #ifdefs, but I'll test that soon.  In anycase
formic now seems to work well enough for me.