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Re: may5 image

> From eric@son-of-blob Sat May  5 14:51:49 1990
> Unfortunately, the global user name cannot be set in the
> prefs file at this time, as any username set during a filein is reset to
> whatever it was before.

> From ravi Sat May  5 15:02:40 1990
> Some notes on the new change manager... I repeat Eric's point that
> when you get a new image, you should TELL IT YOUR USER NAME. Every
> single change record you make will be tagged with this name.

(I'm writing from home and don't have the image handy.)

If entering your name is a manual process, it is guaranteed to be missed
quite often.

So why not let the preferences filein (which won't be missed because of
the immediately-obvious look-and-feel differences) change the SAVED username?
We could provide a message in whatever object holds it.  (Even if it's being
stacked in a fluid variable, we could squirrel away a pointer to the bottom
of the stack.)

Meanwhile, the released images should have a bogus username, so changes
made by someone who didn't set up his name won't be credited to Mr Hill.


PS:  Great work!  Congrats!