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may5 image

Some notes on the new change manager... I repeat Eric's point that
when you get a new image, you should TELL IT YOUR USER NAME. Every
single change record you make will be tagged with this name.

The name will be put at the beginning of all of your fileouts. Thus
when someone else files in your stuff, it will be tagged in their
image as your change. The system restores the user name after the file
in to your own name. This makes it useless to put your user name into
your prefs file, as it will be restored after you've finished filing
it in.

It is a good idea to put "ChangeLog user: #setup" at the beginning of
your prefs file, as this will separate your setup changes from your
real changes.

There are now two file out options on the changes menu -- mine and
all. "mine" files out all changes by the current user back to the
baseline, and "all" files out all changes no matter whose.