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may5 image

.../st80/releases/may5/image has a recently assembled image that includes,
among other things, ravi's *new* change log.  Now we'll be able to tell who
changed something without asking them.  But, you must first tell smalltalk
who you are.  There is a new item on the changes menu to set your name.
So that you don't have to think about it much, all of you already have as
your smalltalk user names the 3 and 4 letter names you have been using as
your change file prefices; edt, reg, heh, mjm, etc.  Also, your username
is now used to produce that same prefix, so everyone should edit their
prefs files so the ChangesPrefix includes only the directory path, and not
the initials.  Unfortunately, the global user name cannot be set in the
prefs file at this time, as any username set during a filein is reset to
whatever it was before.
No claims are made about the compilability, fileoutability or even proper
organization of this release, as it was prepared in a hurry due to demand
for changes that were mixed in with the new history code.  Possibly may7-9
will be a more thorough release.