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SF movie party: This Island Earth!

Take a break from your hard hacking schedule and come see the latest in
multimedia workstations, circa 1953, the INTEROCITER!  This easy to
assemble kit comes complete with instructions, availible exclusively
from "department 53."

Greetings SF movie buffs!  Here's another gem from the 50's.  My
favorite line in it goes something like this:

	"You can't tell me that, as a woman, you aren't curious about these aliens?"


The movie has good production value.  I have a copy on laser disc and
the technicolor is somewhat eye watering at times.  The effects work is
good, and I won't give anything away for those who haven't seen it. 
The storyline does move along without the gaps of the lower grade "B"
films.  For its day, it was much more like what we now call "hard
science" fiction, rather than fantasy, even though its based on ideas
that are hilarious in retrospect.

This Friday, Feb 23rd at my apartment.  Pizza at 7pm (call 24 hours
ahead with preference and be ready to share cost).  Please bring juice,
soda, beer or wine to share if you can.  Movie at about 8pm.

	415-325-3828 (leave message day ahead for pizza)

	725 Cowper St. #42
	Palo Alto
	cross street Forest
	(2 blocks from University)

See you there space cadets!