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a rose by any other

After a bit of onological research, I have some suggestions for the
specific products and product lines we will spawn.  I won't go into
the details of the threads followed, but the major starting point
was the likeability of "Tapestry" as a name for the FE development
environment on which I'm working.  Considering the two definitions
most apropos:

	1. a heavy handwoven reversible textile used for hangings,
	curtains and upholstery and characterized by complicated
	pictorial designs... 4. something resembling tapestry (as
	in complexity or richness of design).
						[Webster's New Collegiate Dict. (1976)]

to sit at the intersection of concepts with connotations both deep
and good (textile, art, complexity/richness), I offer:

	Xanadu(tm) Myriorama - the Hypermedia server itself
	an information myriorama - synonym for docuverse (dataverse)
	Tapestry - the FE development environment
	Montage - formerly the "InfoFactory".

Other good names within the bounds of this concept space include
Collage, Tableau, Phantasmagoria (Cyberspace+Xanadu?).

In another vein, we could create new words from roots -agoria (OFr 
'agorie' to assemble or collect) and -orama (Gr. 'horama' from
'horan' to see).  As examples for InfoFactory we'd have
lexorama, onogoria, libriorama, and bibliagoria.

Yeah, I know the -orama conjures imagery of swilling beer in the 
local bowling alley if not used cleverly, and onogoria
sounds like a nasty pet disease, but words like libriorama and 
bibliagoria are, I think, pretty classy.