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Suggestions for C++ browser.

- Distinguish (in the file-prefix outline window) the outline items which are
   files from those which are not.
 - Similarly, let some items be directories, and distinguish them, too.
   (Dean suggested this.)

    Example:  (. = file, / = directory):
 - Allow any outline item to hold classes IF:
     - It is a file, or,
     - The upward path in the hierarchy encounters a file without first
       encountering a directory.  (In this case, that file is the one which
       will hold the classes when they are filed out.)  Call all the outline
       items which store into the same file a "file-group".
 - When filing-out-cxx from the file-prefix-outline window, write all the
   classes in the entire file-group.
 - When highlighting objects in this window, highlight the selected outline
   entry normally, and dimly highlight all other entries in the file-group.
 - Default the category of a cxx-browsable object to a name constructed
   as follows:
    - Append a - to any non-directory, non-file name (unless it is a leaf)
    - Append a / to any directory name
    - Append a . to any file name
    - Concatenate the names munged in this way to form the category name
   Thus, an object living in zoop in the example above would be of category:

 - If the outline is rearranged, change the categories of all methods that
   match their defaults to match their new defaults.
 - (Perhaps a menu item to set the category to the correct default for items
   whose categories have gotten scrambled, as by file-in?)