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[acad!3HARBOR!Theodor_Nelson: FromNess, ToNess]

Welcome to the net!!  - dean

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From: acad!3HARBOR!Theodor_Nelson
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 90 12:57 PST
Subject: FromNess, ToNess
To: acad!xanadu!tribble
Cc: 3HARBOR!Tedn
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(I'm having a lot of trouble with this furschlugginer electronic mail 
but I wanted to comment to everybody on Bob's remark.  Could you please 
forward this to the tech group?)  

Links are directional but "from" and "to" makes little sense in most 
contexts.  I suggest LEFT and RIGHT.  


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In-Reply-To: Bob Perez's message of Wed, 24 Jan 90 15:07:11 PST <9001242307.AA25683@xanadu >
Subject:  FromNess, ToNess
good stuff.  I like your approach.  Why do you think 4 ended links
will be so useful so soon?