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Hardware Descriptions

I need help in describing the various architectures we're planning to
support. I'm not sufficiently familiar with Suns, for example, to say much
more than "We will have a Server that runs on Sun workstations". What models
should I specifically mention (if any)?

For the PC world my understanding is that we're planning to have a 386-based
Server available sometime soon after shipment of the Sun product. Unless
anyone thinks I should specifically mention RAM or some other requirement,
I'm going to leave it at some approximation of the above.

The Mac Server will probably require a Mac II or above, and again I'd rather
not mention RAM or other particulars at this point (e.g., System 7) without a
good reason.

As for frontend development, I have the same questions regarding Suns and
windowing systems. My understanding is that we're leaning toward Open Look,
but haven't etched our windowing system choice in stone just yet. Well, now's
the time to start thinking about at least running our fingers through the
dirt with some first approximation.

In the PC world we have the Windows/PM dilemma, but that can be handled
easily. The really exciting question has to do with DOS and whether or not
we'll be supporting it on either end of the FEBE wire.

And speaking of wires, what networking architectures are we anticipating
support for by the time we ship? 


-- bobp