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Re: Stamps, versions, ordering

> From: heh (Hugh Hoover)
>   Is there some (fairly easy) way to tell if one stamp was generated before
> or after another stamp (assuming they were both generated by the same bert)?
>   The reason I ask is because we might not want to show a link where the
> context being displayed was created before the original context of the link,
> that is, the link was not present when that version of the document was
> created.  Actually, it's more like if the link wasn't present when the NEXT
> version of the document got created, but...

What you're looking for is predecessor/successor/unrelated in the context
bert's history.  Before/after is meaningless if they don't share a timeline.
(Much like relativistic events outside each other's light cone, and you can
 never trust time stamps.)

Don't we have a less-than relation on tree-ordered history traces that does
exactly that?