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First Class Links Make Second Strike

Whew.  An exhausting message.  Dodging nukes is tough, especially when
there's no pattern to the attack :) Is this the effect I have on
people?  :-) I think your major concerns are valid, but I'm not sure
because they are couched in a different misunderstanding of the system
than mine :-)  Let's go to higher bandwidth but have a printed copy of
your message to work from.  

I think your first goal is correct.  Beyond the statement of it,
everything gets fuzzy.  I think there is something about your second
goal that is important, but I can't divorce it from the embedded link
issue.  The argumentation that follows sure struck me as completely
orthogonal to the issue.  

All the arguments against embedded links were of course bogus! :-)
(Boom!  Boom!)

We'll continue this in person.