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First Class Links Make Second Strike

Date: Fri, 20 Oct 89 05:36:22 PDT
   From: michael (Michael McClary)

   Uh, what's the argument about?
See below.
   Correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but as I read it:

    - Embedded links automatically give you first-class links.  (Just
      embed them in a document containing nothing else, created on-the-fly
      for the link to live in.  This can be done automagically by fronteds
      written by prorammers who believe in making things simple enough for
      simple-minded users.)
    - First-class links DON'T give you embedded links.
   Therefore, if implementing either is similarly time-consuming, the
   obvious thing to do is embedded links.  This:

    - Gives the capabilities of both.
    - Punts the binding-time of the decision WITHOUT punting delivery date.
    - Keeps the theoretists and backend crew off Marcs' back.
Nope.  See next.
    - Lets the frontend developers do it their way.
Nope.  I'm one of the frontend developers, and one of the
theoreticians and backend crew.  He can't get away that easily :-)
The issue is what does the frontend use.  The main thing we've NOT
done is beat through a bunch of examples.  We'll do the real soon.

    - If we go to market with one, and somebody asks for the other, we can
      just say "It's in there!"
Not if the one we choose really confuses people.

   I thought we'd come to this conclusion in Marcs' office several days
   ago.  Did I miss something in my light skimming of this thread?
Nope.  We're still trying to find the question to unearth the subtle
problem underlying this.