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Snoop Sensors

While thrashing on how the email-like facilities of the InfoFactory
will be presented to the user, the following question came up:

The plan for implementing email-like facilities in the backend
involves having a private document, for which only the owner has
either read or write permission, but for which other people have
a handle so that they can run a link to the document. The owner puts
a sensor on the document, and every time a link gets attached, the
owner is alerted.

Now, the question is, what if an eavesdropper attaches a sensor to 
this document? Since the handle is public, can anyone attach a
sensor, and if so will the sensor ring?

When Hugh and I discussed this, Hugh was fairly sure that the eavesdropper
could attach the sensor, but that the sensor would never ring
However, we agreed we should get confirmation.

Dean, are you the current expert on these matters? Would the snoop
sensor work?