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Weekly Planning Meeting, 10/10

Highlights 10/10:

The big congratulations this past week go to ravi, for completing 
link descriptor retrieval, which is critical to getting the frontends 
up and showing something interesting.

Congratulations also go to dean, who has text display working 
in controllers--"controllers" is the collection of user interface 
tools dean is building that we hope will significantly accelerate 
all our frontend development. And congratulations to roland, 
who has xlint integrated with 2.0.

This week's big welcome goes to Jo Tampas, who, as I understand 
it, does the hard job in Autodesk's QA department--she tells 
the programmers how awful their software is (is that a fair summation, 
Jo? It wasn't meant to be :-). Since it looks like QA will be 
chewing on the InfoFactory, she needs to get spun up. So we've 
added her to both "us" and "xanatech". Good luck following the 
xanatech stuff, Jo--and when you figure it out, please explain 
it to me :-)
Meetings: Markm, marcs, discuss next step in the protocol reduction 
talks. Roland, markm, discuss formic modifications. Roger, dean, 
discuss selection with zero based compositors. Bob, joel, merge 
info packet ideas. Marcs, markm, discuss the wisdom of a quick 
& dirty solution to descriptors. Hugh, markm, discuss name change 
for heapers. Dean, look at hugh's enclosures. Ravi, hill, merge 
ravi's work into alpha. Ravi, markm, discuss work type. Roger, 
hugh, dean, discuss system independent attributes for the frontends. 
Michael, hill, meet on hacking formic scripts. Markm, hill, discuss 
explicit deletion of orgls & refcount deletion. Dean, roger, 
michael, markm, discuss sequence numbers of size 4 billion. Bob, 
markm, discuss lunch bet incentives and extension to users Tuesday. 
Markm, hill, dean, discuss enclosures & infinity on Wednesday. 
Joel, bob,marcs, roger, lars, autofact demo planning. Roger, 
markm, discuss 88.1 libraries.

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.       dean

x    10/10/89     text display in controllers
x    10/10/89     compositors zero-based
x    10/10/89     global search for smalltalk
     10/17/89     controllers for frontends
     10/24/89     partial orgls
     10/24/89     translate enclosures
     10/30/89     virtual subtrees
     10/30/89     specify ent test tools

B.       hill

     10/17/89     get new formic working
     10/17/89     checked pointer package
     10/17/89     add sequence numbers
     10/17/89     garbage collector complete
     10/17/89     change formic, no recipe for deferred copy
     10/17/89     rehack make file for "incremental" links
     10/24/89     turn length into count everywhere
     10/31/89     replace regions with enclosures

C.       hugh

x    10/10/89     fixed tables
x    10/10/89     ported ent linear enclosures
     10/17/89     translate model & schnert to C++
     10/17/89     build the waldo to data model schnert
     10/24/89     update broadcast
     10/24/89     integrate FE with Alpha

D.       markm

x    10/10/89     repair smart pointers
     10/17/89     slut implementation of gatekeepers
     10/17/89     fix backfollow
     10/24/89     filtered backfollow
     10/24/89     respond to semantics email
     10/24/89     scenario documents with dean
     10/24/89     merge necromancers with dependencies
     10/24/89     merge necromancers with counted pointers
     10/30/89     complete to do list from alpha 3

E.       marcs
x    10/04/89     meet with ron for first monthly progress report
x    10/04/89     meet with QA
x    10/07/89     add translator fixes and regression test enhancement to pert
x    10/17/89     put garbage collector tasks on PERT
     10/17/89     figure out how to repair email concept
     10/17/89     figure out whether links are first class objects
     10/17/89     attend Hackers
     11/24/89     rough draft of AMIX/Xanadu frontend comparison
     11/31/89     rough draft AMIX/Xanadu integration plan
     11/31/89     start second round of patenting work

F.       michael
x    10/10/89     hacked up preprocessor for roger
x    10/10/89     continue X++ spin up
     10/17/89     examine bombs for regression failure
     10/17/89     send stroustrup exception stuff
     10/17/89     refcount experiment
     10/17/89     select next tasks on PERT

G.       ravi

x    10/10/89     work types
x    10/17/89     link descriptor retrieval
     10/24/89     headers/body pair waldo for inclusion waldo
     10/24/89     waldoes wrapping waldoes
     10/31/89     find/replace waldo

H.       bob

x    10/10/89     meet QA, training, and developer relations folk at autodesk
x    10/10/89     coordinate with ted
     10/17/89     write xanadu system overview
     10/17/89     draft beta application form
     10/24/89     get put on PERT
     10/17/89     revise business plan

I.       roger

     10/17/89     integrate hugh, dean stuff
     10/17/89     get xanadu doc up as composited text
     10/17/89     scrolling windows under C++
     10/17/89     translate schnerts and models to C++
     10/17/89     traverse to acad, traverse from acad
     10/29/89     link lists with simple documents in alpha

J.       roland

x    10/10/89     integrate xlint with 2.0
     10/17/89     xlint1
     10/17/89     abstract class generator
     10/24/89     parser with expression semantics
     10/31/89     deal with multifile xlint
     10/31/89     automatic documenter

K.       Bill

     10/17/89     replace news, so system doesn't swamp when it runs
     10/17/89     fix whole backup system
     10/17/89     talk to kari about pennsylvania

J.       Lars

x   10/03/89     summarize the art of negotiation

K.       Joel

x    10/10/89     qa meeting, ron meeting, training meeting
     10/17/89     fluor meeting
     10/17/89     susan sheridan follow up
     10/17/89     cliff gauntlet, toolkits
     10/17/89     talk to oracle about autofact
     10/17/89     plan for autofact

L.       Deferred Meetings:

     joel, marcs, discuss terminology in X++ for developer release 
(particularly necromancers and related tools)
     Ravi, roger, discuss common view.

M.       Unassigned

     integrating ent is a nasty problem
     tell stroustrup about bombs in 2.0
     How well will canopy rebalancing perform?
     Tumblers as subclass of partiallyOrdered
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     test scaffolding, code exercisers
     rollin, rollout a la Univac
     subaccounts, permissions on FE
     sys admin, i.e., archiving and partitioning disks