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First public software release from Project Xanadu!

Andrew Pam
Seventh International World Wide Web Conference, Brisbane, Australia
Saturday 18th April, 1998

Ted Nelson, Andrew Pam and Marlene Mallicoat today demonstrated three
components of the new Xanadu plus a totally new Hypermedia system as
the climax of the WWW7 conference Developer Day.  The demonstration
included the Open Structure for Media Inter-Connection (OSMIC)
(documentation at http://www.xanadu.net/OSMIC/ and alpha developer
code at http://www.xanadu.net/OSMIC/OSMIC.tar.gz ), the Hypercoin
micropayment system, Transcopyright and Transpublising (see
http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/transpub.transco.html ) and Zigzag
(documentation at http://www.xanadu.net/zz/ and alpha developer
code at http://www.xanadu.net/zz/zigzag.tar.gz ).  Please note that
you are not licensed to distribute modified copies of these programs
to anyone other than Project Xanadu.

To join the Xanadu discussion list (including OSMIC users), please email
xanadu-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx  To join the OSMIC developer mailing list,
please email osmic-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx  For the Zigzag user mailing
list, email zigzag-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxx and Zigzag developers can
email zzdev-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx

Share and enjoy,
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