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The Future of Information

More information about Ted Nelson's new book, titled "The Future of
Information: Ideas, Connections and the Gods of Electronic Literature".

Firstly, Ted reminded me that "Literary Machines" was actually first
published in 1981, and revised in 1987.  That makes "The Future
of Information" his first new book for sixteen years.  It will be
published in both English and Japanese by ASCII Corporation of Japan
http://www.ascii.co.jp/ who are also the publishers of the Japanese
edition of Literary Machines.  "The Future of Information" is edited by
Lauren Colias, who is the editor of the English-language section of the
ASCII web site and also edited the 1987 version of "Literary Machines".

A preliminary edition was provided to all members of the World Wide
Web consortium meeting in Tokyo last week, and the release of the final
edition is expected some time next month.

Cheers from Japan,
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