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ANNOUNCEMENT: Xanadu mailing lists!

About the Xanadu mailing lists

There are presently two Xanadu mailing lists, the discussion list and
the news and announcements list.  Since you have expressed interest in
Xanadu or are already involved in some way, you have been added to the
news list and will need to send email to <xanews-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
if you wish to be removed from the list.  Traffic is not expected to be
high on this list.  On the other hand, you will need to expressly send
email to <xanadu-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> if you wish to join the
discussion list, or if you wish to be removed from it later.

To contribute to the discussion list, send your messages to
<xanadu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.  To post a news item or announcement of general
interest, send your messages to <xanews-post@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.  Please do
not send messages intended for the list maintainer (for example,
subscription or unsubscription requests) to the mailing lists as it will
only annoy the other readers.  The messages posted to both of these
mailing lists will be archived and I hope to make the archives available
on our Gopher and WWW server with a searchable index.  Posting your
messages to either mailing list will be considered permission to publish
them on the server.

Thank you for your support!

Andrew Pam                                      avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Manager, Serious Cybernetics                    avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Coordinator, Xanadu Australia                   <http://www.aus.xanadu.com/>
P.O. Box 409, Canterbury VIC 3126 Australia     gopher gopher.aus.xanadu.com