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"What's He Doing in Japan?"

Teaching, writing, developing software and getting backing.


I am teaching at Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus. I like it a lot. Keio is the oldest private university in Japan, and the SFC campus is very dynamic and interesting, with hot Internet connection. The students are smart and enjoyable. (As an interesting metric, about half have home pages.)


I have just finished writing a book called The Future of Information, being published in Japan by ASCII Corporation. When it will be published in the USA I don't know.

And the usual articles, etc.

Developing Software

My 1965 hypertext design, zipper lists, was finally implemented at the Sapporo HyperLab by the HyperLab team, especially Mr. K. Ookubo. (The system is not currently on line.)

At Keio I am working on a demonstration transpublishing project.

With my student seminar, I am working on a data system I call OSMIC (Open Structure for Media Interconnection), which is intended as a public-domain version of the Xanadu(R) structure.


A number of companies have contributed to the transpublishing consortium at Keio.

I am also working with ASCII Corporation on a micropayment system which I have patent pending.

Finally, I am laying the groundwork for the new Xanadu(R), which will turns the old Xanadu ideas inside-out for the Internet.