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Imagine being able to quote parts or all of any
new book, recording or movie
on your Web page--
free, and without annoying the copyright holder.
This is the promise of transcopyright.

Transcopyright and the Possibility of a Transpublishing World

We can republish by indirection on the Web, telling the browser to get a piece somewhere else.  Right now, with no difficulty, you may put in a pointer-- an IMG tag-- which brings in a .gif or .jpg picture from publicly available page on the Internet.

The main reason we don't do this is that we don't have permission.

This kind of indirect publishing, also called "transpublishing" and "inclusion by reference", may be way to clean up the copyright problem.

Other people have treated re-use of copyrighted material as something to be prevented.  The transcopyright approach treats it as something to be guided and appropriately channeled, for everyone's benefit.


The key is this: the republished piece is always downloaded from the original publisher's server.  That way, if there is a charge for the material, it is always paid to the original publisher.

The permission doctrine of transcopyright is a central aspect of this.  It's a way of cleanly giving permission for someone to re-publish material indirectly.

The parts needed are:

These capabilities, taken together, can make possible universal transpublication-- always a principal goal of the Xanadu(R) system.