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Notes on JFAX format
These files must be DOWNLOADED (right-click).  They will not open correctly on a left-click. To download the files: get the individual files of the book by RIGHT-clicking on the indicated chapter numbers. Save the downloaded files in some convenient directory.

To read the files: get the Jfax reader helper application (free at http://download.jfax.com/download-- available for  PC, Macintosh or Solaris.  (Their license requires that you only use the Jfax reader only for material scanned using Jfax software.  This material fits that description.)  As soon as that's installed, you may open each chapter by clicking in the usual way.

Note to my students and friends at Keio:  For licensing reasons, CNS is unable to install the software campus-wide.  (The Jfax license currently only offers this reader software free to individuals.)  However, the Jfax people are friendly and we may be able to get permission.