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Interactive Software is a branch of motion pictures.  And the creation of software is a branch of movie-making.


Movies consist of events on a screen which affect the heart and mind of the viewer.


Interactive software consists of events on a screen which affect the heart and mind of the user, and interact.

Therefore, interactive software is a kind of movie, and all the techniques of movie-making are relevant.

Computer science is hardly relevant at all.

History of Movies versus Software

We are now in the stage of software that corresponds to movies roughly between 1892 and 1904.

The first theatrical films appeared around 1892.  For the first decade, movies were made by the cameraman because he understood the equipment.

That's the stage we're in now. The tekkies get to design the software because they understand the programming technicalities.  But the abilities required to design good interactive software have nothing to do with programming.  Most people, including most programmers, have relatively little talent in this area.

About 1904, the Movie Director was invented.  To simplify the picture, let's say that D.W. Griffith was the first real director, which is not far from the truth.  Griffith's enormous talent made it clear that directing was a talent, not a technical skill.

A director did not have to know how to operate a camera, sew costumes, play a musical instrument, dance, fight with a sword.  But he had to unify all the parts of a film, including those other forms of work, into a unified presentation to affect the heart and mind of the viewer.

Detailing the overall plan (the script) into a system of unified effects (the finished film) is what a director does.

Griffith's slogan: "Make them laugh, make them cry, and make them wait."