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The new Constructor Bomb stuff

Date: Thu, 9 Aug 90 16:52:49 PDT
   From: xanadu!ravi (Ravi Pandya)

   In the application model code, I will commonly create a schnert
   without assigning the pointer anywhere; the process of construction
   adds it to a dependents list which keeps it alive. Is this still OK?
   Is there any change in how I do it?

   A sample code fragment:

       !UserModel methodsFor: 'create'!
       create: application {ApplicationModel} with: km {KeyMaster}
       myHomeDocument _ WaldoModel make.
       User2HomeDocumentSchnert create: self with: myHomeDocument.

Sorry, this no longer works.  We worried about this case, but decided
that it wasn't worth supporting.  To a first approximation,
constructors should only be called from within pseudo-constructors,
which in turn return their result.  If in the above code you replace
the "create:" call with the corresponding "make:" call, and write the
necessary pseudo-constructor, then the problem goes away.