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Re: cleanupGarbage

>From heh@xxxxxxxxxx Fri Aug  3 16:05:02 1990
	From: heh <heh@xxxxxxxxxx>
	Subject: cleanupGarbage
	To: xtech@xxxxxxxxxx
	Subject:                               Time:13:47
	OFFICE MEMO   cleanupGarbage                         Date:8/3/90
	Will people PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put in a cleanupGarbage method
	in a smalltalk only category whenever they create a new class
	variable or global (fluid).  We poor people relegated to small
	(albeit much nicer :-) machines wouldn't then have to spend 3
	hours tracking back to find the new global so that a new LARGE
	ent can be garbage collected, thereby releasing the 2.5 megs of
	garbage objects created by a test.
I second that.  The Integrator can't be expected to manually search the image
for all instances of SomeRandomTypeThatMightBeGarbageButIsHeldOntoSomehow to
get rid of them.  Also, as these piles of objects get bigger, I'd like to
remind the relevant parties (you know who you are) that we're in trouble if
we can't run our image on the "small" machines.