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Re: Hiding Ugly Opaque Class Declarations: X++ S&I #2

The foox.hxx file is also reduced.  It only needs to include a few
	*x.oxx files, instead of many lines of declarations.  If glubx.hxx
	declares the Glub, Flub, and Blub classes, and foox.hxx needs Glub and
	Flub, then the old way required foox.hxx to say

	    #ifndef CHECKED_Glub
	    #define CHECKED_Glub
	    #endif /* CHECKED_Glub */
	    #ifndef CHECKED_Flub
	    #define CHECKED_Flub
	    #endif /* CHECKED_Flub */
	it now gets them both by saying 

	    #include "glubx.oxx"	

Nope: I'm opposed to this. I wouldn't do this by hand either,
the reason to leave them the way they are is simple,: the only
time we look at any of these files is for debugging, the size of this
stuff is no problem but if I can't find that class "ThisMotherIsAPain"
is declared I'm in deep trouble, the problem of course is that thisMotherIsAPainx.oxx
isn't an acceptable name, and the file name for the file its in
is too inclusive.  I don't want both classes dieclared by default.
Don't bother with this, it will only make my job 
of debugging in c++ harder.