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stubble message continued....

Some comments on the code:

"TextyCommXcvr::send(Heaper*)" also needs to check for "obj == NULL"
right at the top.  We just forgot--this case is already dealt with
correctly in the existing code.

"TextyCommXcvr::receive(Category*)" should declare it's "recipe"
variable "WPTR(HeaperRecipe)" instead of "WPTR(Recipe)".  The line:

	recipe = getRecipe (className);

should instead read:

	recipe = CAST(HeaperRecipe,getRecipe (className));

Then the abstract superclass Recipe would not declare any "make"
methods.  The Var & Heaper "make" methods which Michael describes
would be declared starting in VarRecipe & HeaperRecipe respectively.
(This is all in accord with the meeting.)  Note that we shouldn't call
these classes "RecipeVar" and "RecipeHeaper" because the first isn't
itself a Var object.

   Date: Fri, 27 Jul 90 04:41:33 PDT
   From: xanadu!michael (Michael McClary)


   Typical sendProxyTo() for copy part of a mixed copy/proxy object
   (say, a by-proxy class built on a by-copy base class):

A by-proxy class built on a by-copy base class must itself be a
by-copy class as well as a by-proxy class.  This is because it needs
its own by-copy constructor (which is declared by the COPY(..) macro.
(Its COPY(..) section can of course be empty.)

Which brings up a related point: with the receive method we wrote, a
newly created proxy object is never directly informed of its objNum.
This is actually ok, as it can ask the Entry that it is passed.  I
suppose it should also ask the Entry for the CommHandler (after
casting the Entry to a CommHandlerEntry?).