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stubble misfeature and a fix

I keep beating my head against a particularly annoying property of
stubble, and finally realized that we should just fix it:  Right now
transceivers write out the name of the category of an object, then ask
the objects to send themselves.  For all the stuff I'm doing, this is
much too late.  I want Shepherds to send themselves to the disk as
Stubs, Forwarding objects to send themselves to the disk as pointers
to other locations, transparent forwarders to send themselves as the
obect they are forwarding to, etc.  The already existing case is that
object from proxy classes should send a proxy object across the wire
rather than them selves.  

This solution both more efficient and more modular than the current
solution.  The current solution of sending 'makeProxy' to any object
that goes over the wire requires an extra object creation for every
proxy transferred object.  I had to adopt a similar soluitioin for
writing Shepherds out as stubs, and it also requires another objects
creation for every stub pointer written to disk.  The solution will
be more modular because we can avoid extracting the category from an
object.  I really want to keep getCategory as a protected function.