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Weekly Planning Meeting, 7/3

Highlights 6/26:

The big congratulations this week go to hugh, hill, and rick. 
Mr. hill has carried the most recent merge through to the point 
where the Docs & Links test, (our most comprehensive test of 
the backend) is working again with the newest C++ version; in 
concert with this, he froze Alpha 6. Meanwhile, hugh has succeeded 
in linking up the entire backend on the Mac again, using the 
new/improved linker Apple supplied us a few days ago: hugh is 
no longer being slowed down by a defective development environment. 
And rick also had great success in compiling all the interface 
parts of Xanadu for scheme stub subroutines (so Montage can call 
Xanadu services).

Congratulations also go to markm and roger for figuring out how 
to cut the size of the program by about 30%, by tweaking stubble 
(much of the total code in Xanadu in computer generated :-). 
Once implemented, this change will speed up our compile/link 

Meetings:  Paul, dean, talk about binding instance variables. 
Ravi, markm, performance. Dean, ravi, roger, hugh, fm stuff. 
Marcs, chip, 4.1 on Victoria. Michael, dean, markm, LRU on RAM 
objects (snarfs, flocks, etc). Markm, dean,  discuss booting. 

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.       dean

x    7/03/90     fixed may commit
     7/10/90     flush RAM
     7/10/90     nonpurgable items
     7/17/90     berts & stamps gc

B.       hill

x    7/03/90     next merge
x    7/03/90     freeze alpha 6
     7/10/90     enhance translator with ixx
     7/10/90     find and kill garbage collection usage bug!

C.       hugh

x    7/03/90     link doc test successfully
x    7/03/90     resolve linker bug
x    7/03/90     write event generator (2)
     7/10/90     system dependent structs in smalltalk code
     7/10/90     doing image (2)
     7/10/90     implement warp (4)
     7/17/90     run compositors (2)

D.       markm

x    7/03/90     figure out how to shrink stubble output
x    7/03/90     merge
     7/10/90     write C++ 2.1 report
     7/10/90     permission system tester
     7/10/90     update canopies
     7/17/90     club members (10)

E.       marcs

x    7/03/90     get chris hibbert signed up to Xanadu
x    7/03/90     prep for autodesk meeting
x    7/03/90     publish issues summary
     7/10/90     circulate security opportunity draft
     7/10/90     collect sqa notes
     8/24/90     start second round of patenting work
     8/30/89     figure out whether links are standalone objects

F.       michael

     7/10/90     snarf transceiver
     7/17/90     discover size and construct ram object (6)
     7/17/90     write Shepherd Stub recipe (4)
     7/17/90     teach stubble to shephard stubs, shepherd recipe (2)
     7/24/90     chameleon stubs (12)

G.       ravi

x    7/03/90     cleanup odds and ends
x    7/03/90     consistency check wrap for waldos
x    7/03/90     enhance sensors
x    7/03/90     link types endorse links
x    7/03/90     merge
     7/10/90     figure out performance enhancements

H.       bobp

     7/17/90     review issues in SXI
     7/17/90     implement SXI
I.       roger

x    7/03/90     dervish for testing
     7/10/90     make fonts work
     7/10/90     xanatext in xwindows
     7/10/90     get r4 scheme from ftp for rick

J.       roland

x    7/03/90     enhance formic to iterate over functions at file scope
x    7/03/90     filter on initial substring of return type
x    7/03/90     update formic documentation
x    7/17/90     fix line numbering in crtuch
x    7/17/90     parser with expression semantics
     7/10/90     mail formic to rick
     7/17/90     xlint check for assign to a parameter variable and assignment to "this"
     7/26/90     fix stubble for 1-way connections for dean
     7/26/90     xlint look for missing redundant curlies
     7/30/90     write grammar for formic

K.       Bill

     7/10/90     make garbage collector work across lan
     7/10/90     figure proxy level protocol
     7/10/90     figure out dependencies 

L.       Joel

M.       Jacque

     7/10/90     new flat view scroll bars

N.       Rick

x    7/03/90     getting everything to compile
     7/10/90     models for manipulators
     7/10/90     wrap in scheme

O.       Paul

     7/10/90     class system working
     7/10/90     fix binding instance variables

P.       Andy

     7/10/90     come up to speed

L.       Small Tasks List
    Cleanup region code
    Sequence # in smalltalk, dean & michael versions
    Test files

L.       Deferred Meetings:

     Bill, michael, NEWS versions. 
     Roger, hugh, reproducible Tapestry tests. 
     discuss stubble for ADI with autodesk
     Bobp, joel, marcs, discuss Apple and smalltalk. 
     Marcs, dean, joel, parc place strategy. 
     Dean, michael, structured debug on the ent. 
     Michael, dean, break up the ent for the disk on Tuesday. 
     Michael, dean, markm, ravi, efficiency of internsets.
     Roger,, hugh, dean, ravi discuss system independent attributes 
                for the frontends  after fm does paragraphs.
     Roland, dean, discuss xlint commands in smalltalk. 
     Markm, hill, discuss explicit deletion of orgls & refcount deletion. 
     Markm, hill, discuss exception handling on sensors between comm handlers.
     Dean, roger, michael, markm, discuss sequence numbers of size 4 billion. 
     Dean, markm, discuss intersecting backfollow ideas. 
     joel, marcs, discuss terminology in X++ for developer release 
                (particularly necromancers and related tools)
     Ravi, roger, discuss common view.

M.       Unassigned

     merge contact databases
     scenario documents (markm, dean
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     test scaffolding, code exercisers