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alpha-6 xpp frozen

/usr/local/share/xanadu/backend/alpha-6 == /usr/local/share/xanadu/curalpha
has the following:
	xpp : most non-translated code, makefile and makefile support stuff
	      .o files for xpp code
	      IntegerVars are inlined
	xlatexpp : makefile
			This makefile causes the xlatexpp code to have
			inlined SPTRs and CHKPTRs
			This defines all of the SPTR and CHKPTR inline stuff
			for modules compiled without inlines so that they
			will link.
	server, febe, fm : makefiles only
	platform :
		platform dependent stuff for getting system time for mac & sun
	stubble :
		stubble shell script and formic script

[wjr: the 'alpha-6' directory that you had there is now wjr-alpha-6]