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xvdt xview dirvish tool

An alpha version of xvdt is on xanadu:/usr/local/bin
this requires XNews to run, it is an Openlook version of dirvish
that I hacked up yesterday, mostly to serve as a tesbed for X debugging.
I took the SunTools (not SunWindows or SunView) version of dirvish
and transmografied it to run under XView.

Todays version uses control keys to navigate, ^a is left ^s is right
^z down ^w up  ^q top  ^x bottom, and some others I don't remember.

xvdt will be upgraded as I develop modules and codefragments for
scrollbars, font browsers, and Drag&drop plus some selection & menu stuff.

Cursor keys should start to work soon.

I plan to PD this to the net, partialy to find what I;'m doing in an
unnatural way for XView & partly in the expectation that someone will
show me how to convert to the other X toolkits (a sneaky way to get
free librarys & ports).

Any comments are welcome.  I'll send this to autodesk after it gets cleaned
up a little more.  Is anyone out there using X?