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Re: formic enhancements revisited

> It seems to me that both Ceran and Scheran (and eventually CeRand, the
> one for Objective-C) simply wants to wrap all external functions
> defined at file scope in *x.hxx, whether or not one would consider
> them pseudo-constructors.  Part of the problem is that the notion of
> "pseudo-constructor" is largely in the eye of the beholder.

Sounds right to me.

>    Good news, though:  the $(IF CLASS ! | name: SP2_+ name: CP2_+) stuff
>    works as advertised.  Many thanks to roland, just saved me a bunch
>    of culling.  Modulo pc's and overloads, Scheran is fully automated.
>    Lots of fun cases for void and IntegerVar valued functions, IntegerVar
>    and char * args, and some other OBTWs.
> Congratulations!  Great stuff!  


> This means we have 4 languages already (Smalltalk, C++, C, and Scheme)
> driven off a single source.  Language independent programming anyone?