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bobP and simplified ifc

Subject:                               Time:16:01
  OFFICE MEMO          bobP and simplified ifc                Date:6/28/90
my 2 cents.

  I think it is reasonable and >useful< that the C++ interface that BobP is
building be done completely outside our development tools.  One of the major
reasons we >need< a simplified interface is because of the amount of learning
required just to use xpp!

poor (novice) c++ developer:
  "I just want a f*****g array! what's all this Region and Position junk?"

By not using any of our base, the level of learning required is an order of
magnitude less.  It makes it much less forbidding to get something simple done. 
It may not be as powerful or as useful...

  Developers can move on to the full interface when they feel comfortable with