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Re: formic enhancements revisited

mark: forget my earlier surmise.  You're right.  What I need is
$(IF FUNC type: SP2_+) $/ which doesn't seem to do it in formic.Jun26
to recognize pseudoconstructors that return strong pointers.

Now for the $64 question (yea, I know that the market is at #67 :-))...

Are all of the file-scope functions in febe/*x.hxx and xlatexpp/*x.hxx
pseudoconstructors?  Looks that way to me.  If this is (and will remain)
the case, then we may not need the type constraint.

Good news, though:  the $(IF CLASS ! | name: SP2_+ name: CP2_+) stuff
works as advertised.  Many thanks to roland, just saved me a bunch
of culling.  Modulo pc's and overloads, Scheran is fully automated.
Lots of fun cases for void and IntegerVar valued functions, IntegerVar
and char * args, and some other OBTWs.