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shower strikes again (whap!)

Had another inspiration in the shower.  (If this keeps happening, I'm gonna
have a shower installed in the office...)

Dean:  Are all the Shepherds reasonably small, and do they ever change
to a larger thing while a whole BUNCH of things point to them?  If the
answers are yes and no respectively:

If snarf outpointers also remembered the type of thing they point to,
shepherd stubs could reserve enough memory for the shepherd itself.
(When a shepherd is not pointed to by an outpointer, it is in the snarf,
and can be consulted about its type.)

This way, stubs could turn into their shepherds, rather than into transparent
forwarders.  No extra layer of indirection, even in X++ first release.  Cost:
a little RAM, since stubs would be as big as their shepherds (though far
smaller than their flock).

(Hmmm... Does this mean a stub is a lead RAM?)